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Measuring the Social Dividend in WSBI Members’ Activities: Revealing the Hidden Elements

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The World Savings Banks Institute (WSBI) has released a Study, developed in partnership with Oxford Policy Management (OPM), on the measurement of the social dividend of its member banks' activities. It focuses on the identification of the "implicit" social return that can be ascribed to the provision of financial services to underserved customer groups and geographical areas.

The Study demonstrates that the business model of savings banks is particularly well-suited to achieving greater outreach, even in remote or less populated regions, and confirms that this broad outreach does not question their overall profitability.

Document Information

Document Type Study Guide
Auteur Peachey, S., Carpio, A., Roe, A. and Cabello, M.
Year of Publication 2008
Éditeur Oxford Policy Management
Nombre de pages 44 pp.
Région / Pays Globale /
Langue principale Anglais (en)
Mots-clés Économie, Dividende Social
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