Agricultural Value Chain Finance Strategy and Design

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The technical note aims to help country programme managers and project design teams to understand the transformation of agriculture and modern value chains and how this knowledge can be used to benefit the financial access and delivery processes; how to develop value chain financial services that benefit all types of farmers and agribusiness firms within value chains and the country as a whole; and the best way to develop a programme implementation strategy that will strengthen priority value chains through interventions that address capacity needs and financing, policy and support infrastructure requirements.

This technical note serves as a guide to the design of appropriate programme interventions that apply VCF approaches to the development of competitive agricultural value chains. It emphasizes interventions that promote financial inclusiveness and the overall development goals of governments, as well as those of technical and funding agencies.

Document Information

Document Type Technical Note
Auteur Calvin Miller
Year of Publication 2012
Éditeur IFAD
Rome, Italy
Nombre de pages 50 pp.
Région / Pays Globale /
Langue principale Anglais (en)
Mots-clés Financement Agricole, Financement Des Chaînes De Valeur Agricoles
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