Egg marketing: A guide for the production and sale of eggs

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This new guide provides information and advice to those concerned with the production and sale of eggs in developing countries with an emphasis on marketing, i.e. producing in order to meet market demand. Augmenting the production of laying chickens and improving farmers’ returns by effective production planning and marketing will improve farm incomes.

Augmenting the production of laying chickens is an important objective in helping to meet the nutritional needs of growing populations in developing countries. These chickens are prolific, easy to raise and their output can be generally expanded more rapidly and easily than that of other livestock. Furthermore, they are adaptable to various climates and altitudes. Poultry raising is an excellent diversification activity for small farmers. In addition, poultry raising can often be combined with other types of farming and offers the possibility to raise extra revenue for farmers.

The land and capital requirements to start a small enterprise are not great, yet farmers who market eggs on a regular basis have a valuable source of ready cash. Eggs provide an inexpensive and valuable source of nourishment. Before new or improved marketing methods are introduced, an accurate survey of current industry conditions should be made, and an understanding of production and consumption patterns and factors that have determined these should be developed. Marketing improvement programmes may range in their objectives from relatively simple changes in handling and packaging methods to a reorganization of the marketing channels. Frequently, important marketing improvements can be effected simply by correcting specific handling, transport, packaging, grading and storing methods. For marketing to be efficient, it must satisfy consumers' demands and preferences. (Author's Abstract)

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