The use of Structured Finance instruments in agriculture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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The document introduces and illustrates the leading products and innovations in SF in the region. It also strives to analyze the results and make recommendations from the lessons learned in the region and elsewhere. Structured Finance for agriculture has shown promise for wider replication in the Eastern European and Central Asian region, but a lot more research, innovation and improvements in the enabling environment are needed before it can be universally implemented across the region or elsewhere. The global financial crisis in 2008 brought to light many problems when the use of SF products was not managed properly and not supervised adequately, resulting in caution for their use in the future. The problems that arose stem largely from the poor quality of assets that were bundled together, rather than the structured instruments themselves. The economic crisis that followed and accentuated the financial crisis has been especially difficult for the Eastern European and Central Asian region. Consequently there is an increased shortage of available financing and coupled with an increase in security requirements make the need for SF far more important as an option to increase agricultural financing within and to the Eastern European and Central Asian region.

The document is intended for people and organizations working in or with finance who are interested in expanding their offer of financial services to agriculture and agribusiness through use of additional tools and approaches. It is also for agribusiness leaders who are looking for opportunities to increase their access to finance through the use of SF approaches. Finally, the document contains lessons, examples and policy recommendations for policy-makers and public investors who want (and require) an orientation to the use and practicality of SF in the region and/or the conditions required for use of such products.

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Document Type Paper
Autor Winn, M.; Miller, C.; Gegenbauer, I.
Year of Publication 2009
Editor Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Número de Páginas 94 pp.
Edition Working document 26
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Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
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