The 5th African Rural and Agricultural Credis Association (AFRACA) Agribanks Forum - Summary of Workshop Proceedings

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The 5th AFRACA Agricultural Banks forum was held at the Serena Hotel, Kigali Rwanda between the 24th – 27th July 2012. This report covers the proceedings of this workshop, which is one of the specialized AFRACA programmes that take place every year as part of the organizations goal of improving the rural and agricultural finance environment in Sub Saharan Africa

In this Agricultural Banks workshop, a total of 9 technical papers were shared and covered policy related issues, practical value chain finance cases and the important subject of foreign and local direct investment for food security in Africa.

The objectives of the forum were:

  1. Foster closer and sustainable partnerships between financial and non financial institutions involved in agricultural value chain finance.
  2. Provide an opportunity for creating business relationships between borrowers and lenders, development partners and industry players.
  3. Increase the awareness and learning of key innovations for funding medium and small enterprises through non-traditional banking approaches.
  4. Provide new ideas for development of innovative products that allow significant funding to reach various stages of the value chains in Africa.
  5. Create a deeper appreciation for both Foreign and Local Direct Investment in Agriculture within the continent
  6. Offer participants an opportunity to learn from others on what has worked on innovative value chain financing and how such could be replicated.
  7. Develop innovative ways of empowering the underserved communities especially women

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