Making Microfinance Work: Managing Product Diversification

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This book, and the accompanying course, is designed to assist MFIs that have already diversified and are looking for ways to manage their diversification more effectively, as well as institutions that are looking for guidance on where and how to begin.

The content includes chapters on various product options, including savings, insurance, leasing, money transfers and even grants and non-financial services. It also explores how to combine different product menus to serve specific market segments, such as the ultra-poor, youth, women, SMEs and persons in rural areas and post-crisis environments. The book concludes with discussions about managing partnerships and strategies to overcome the challenges of delivering a diverse product portfolio. It provides specific suggestions for managing diversification, including adapting the institutional culture, redistributing responsibilities, empowering staff, communicating with clients, reengineering systems and managing change.

See special section on Rural Microfinance, pg. 410. 

Making Microfinance Work: Managing Product Diversification  -  Inglés (en)

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Autor Frankiewicz, C., Churchill, C.
Year of Publication 2011
Editor International Labour Office (ILO)
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