Piloting Index-Based Livestock Insurance in Mongolia

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This paper describes the index-based livestock insurance program in Mongolia designed in the context of a World Bank lending operation with the Government of Mongolia. This project presents a unique opportunity to design and implement an original agriculture insurance program using a country-wide agricultural risk management model designed by the World Bank.

This lending operation, offers the World Bank, for the first time, the opportunity to design and implement a country-wide agriculture insurance program. It paves the way for the development of financially sustainable agriculture insurance programs for the poor. It supports a public-private partnership that aims (i) to offer insurance coverage that is attractive to herders, (ii) to involve the domestic insurance market while protecting it against catastrophic losses, and (iii) to limit the fiscal exposure of the government.

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Autor Mahul, O.; Skees, J.;
Year of Publication 2006
Número de Páginas 4 pp.
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