2016 Joint Report On Multilateral Development Banks' Climate Finance

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The Joint Report on Multilateral Development Banks’ Climate Finance is a collaborative effort to make MDB climate finance figures in developing countries and emerging economies public on an annual basis, together with a clear explanation of the joint methodologies for tracking this climate finance. In this report, the term “MDB climate finance” refers to the amounts committed by MDBs to finance climate change mitigation and adaptation activities in development projects. Tracking of MDB climate finance is based on harmonised principles and jointly agreed methodologies, which are detailed in Annexes B and C. Total MDB climate finance includes commitments from the MDBs’ own account, and from external resources channelled through and managed by the banks.

Document Information

Year of Publication 2017
Editor African Development Bank (AfDB); the Asian Development Bank (ADB); the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD); the European Investment Bank (EIB); the Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDBG) and the World Bank Group (WBG)
Número de Páginas 44 pp.
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Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave climate finance, Climate adaptation finance, climate mitigation finance, climate co-finance
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