Financial inclusion. Transforming lives

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Each year, the Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance—Queen Máxima of the Netherlands—publishes a report that looks at what financial inclusion has achieved and where it is going.

The report discusses the contribution SMEs have on the economy - half of total employment and a third of the GDP. However, their opportunity for growth is severely limited due to inequities in credit and financing. Suggestions include having a national strategy for financial inclusion and building stronger credit reporting and reforms.

This year's report lays out three priorities for action that could accelerate our momentum: ensuring development impact, promoting supportive policies for digital financial inclusion, and reaching neglected populations such as farmers, women, and small businesspeople.



Document Information

Document Type Report
Autor Queen Máxima of the Netherlands
Year of Publication 2017
Número de Páginas 32 pp.
Región / País Global /
Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Inclusión Financiera, digital finance, Banca Móvil
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