Integrating Gender and Women's Financial Inclusion into National Strategies

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The objective of this Guideline Note on Integrating Gender and Women’s Financial Inclusion into National Strategies is to highlight current practices among the AFI Network and provide guidance on gender and integrating women’s financial inclusion considerations into national financial inclusion strategies (NFIS). This guidance is intended for application by policymakers and regulators engaged in the development and implementation of NFIS.

Document Information

Document Type Guideline
Autor Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)
Year of Publication 2017
Editor Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Número de Páginas 16 pp.
Región / País Global /
Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Género, financial inlcusion, Finanzas Inclusivas
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