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Best Practices for Sustainable Models of Pro-Poor Rural Financial Services in Thailand

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This report attempts to familiarize the present pattern of rural financing in Thailand and bring forth the factors contributing to the success of financial support systems which provide financial assistance to sustain rural development and farmers’ organizations in Thailand. It thereby explores the best practices and systems prevailing in the (rural) financial market and establishes its scope for replication and scaling up in wider contexts. The contents of this document are based on altruism and nuances drawn from the real life cases from the different type of financial institutions and their practices in lending and deposit mobilizations from the supply side. On the demand side it exhibits the real life benefits derived by the communities and farmers across various strategic intervention locations. The case studies in this report covers a cross section of institutions and target groups towards a wider understanding of the scope of rural financing options and its levels of impact in a causation framework.

Document Information

Document Type Report
Autor Hamp, M., Dass, P.
Year of Publication 2016
Número de Páginas 86 pp.
Región / País Global, Asia / Thailand
Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Servicios Financieros, Community Financial Institutions, Instituciones Financieras
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