Credit Association Training Manual

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This practical guide walks the field agent through a series of training meetings that help a group form a Credit Association and become ready to receive its first loan. The meetings help the group organize their ideas and come to consensus on Credit Association management, introduce concepts and rules of group-based lending and the importance of savings, and discuss the education component of Credit with Education. The training meetings are an excellent opportunity for the field agent to establish his or her role as facilitator and to begin the empowerment process.

Document Information

Document Type Document
Autor Vor der Bruegge, E.; Stack, K. E.
Year of Publication 1999
Editor Freedom from Hunger
Número de Páginas 97 pp.
Región / País Global /
Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Formación De Grupos, Asociación De Crédito, Préstamos Grupales, Ahorro, Empoderamiento
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