Scaling Up Index Insurance for Smallholder Farmers: Recent Evidence and Insights

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The new CGAP report on “Scaling Up Index Insurance for Smallholder Farmers: Recent Evidence and Insights” that explores evidence from five case studies that have made significant progress in addressing the challenge of insuring poor smallholder farmers and pastoralists in the developing world. There are a few common features that appear within these case studies: i) explicitly targeting obstacles to improving farmer income; ii) integration of insurance with other development interventions; iii) giving farmers a voice in the design of products; iv) investing in local capacity; and v) investing in science-based index development. The purpose of this report is to inform the ongoing debate about the viability of scaling up index-based insurance for vulnerable smallholder farmers in the developing world  and it suggests the need to reassess arguments that lack of demand and practical implementation challenges prevent index-based insurance from being a useful tool to reduce rural poverty.

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Document Information

Document Type Report
Autor Greatrex H, Hansen JW, Garvin S, Diro R, Blakeley S, Le Guen M, Rao KN, Osgood, DE.
Year of Publication 2015
Editor CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Número de Páginas 32 pp.
Edition CCAFS Report No. 14
Región / País Global / India, Ethiopia, Senegal, Mongolia, Kenya
Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Index-Based Insurance, Seguro, Índice De Seguros
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