HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Guide for African Communities

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This field guide, which is downloadable in two parts, is intended for use by community HIV/AIDS educators to assist them in talking with their neighbours about HIV/AIDS prevention and management – as such this is also a useful guide for lay educators.

The guide is broken down into fifteen lessons on HIV/AIDS prevention and the care of those affected. It is used by trained community HIV/AIDS educators on eight projects of the African HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative of the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). Each lessons is designed to answer questions people may have about HIV/AIDS and forms the basis for discussion about the importance of the information for the life of an individual, a family or a community.

The lessons, which are based on “HIV, Health and Your Community” by Reuben Granich and Jonathan Mermin, cover the following questions:

  1. Why do we need to fight HIV/AIDS?
  2. What is HIV? What is AIDS?
  3. What are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS?
  4. How is HIV/AIDS spread?
  5. How can I avoid being affected with HIV/AIDS?
  6. How can I practice safer sex?
  7. Does choosing safer sex conflict with common practice?
  8. Why are women at greater risk?
  9. How does the HIV test work?
  10. How can I have HIV/AIDS and live a healthy life?
  11. How can we care for someone with AIDS?
  12. What should a person with HIV/AIDS eat?
  13. What medical treatment is available for HIV/AIDS?
  14. How can the community respond to HIV/AIDS?
  15. What have we learned about defeating the epidemic?

Each lesson tries to emphasise four major points with accompanying illustrations to share with individuals and families, as well as suggested corresponding interactive conversation and optional activities for larger groups.

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Document Type Guideline
Autor Institute of Cultural Affairs
Year of Publication 2004
Editor Pact Publications
Número de Páginas 32 pp.
Edition Africa HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative
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Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Salud, Vih / Sida
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