Pesticides are Poison

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Pesticides are chemicals used to kill insects, rodents, and weeds that might harm crops and people’s health. But pesticides also poison and kill other living things, including helpful plants, animals, as well as people. Pesticides can drift for miles from where they are applied and pollute the soil, the water, and the air.

In this book the word pesticide is used to describe all chemicals used to control pests. They include:

  • Insecticides – used to kill insects
  • Herbicides – used to kill weeds
  • Fungicides – used to control plant diseases
  • Rodenticides – used to kill rats, mice and other rodents

This booklet argues that pesticides are never safe but aims to assist farmers, plantation workers, and people who use pesticides at home to be as safe as possible. The booklet also provides information for those who want to return to traditional methods of agriculture to use safer methods of pest control, or farm without chemical pesticides and fertilisers.

Simple guidance is provided on pesticide safety under a range of scenarios and supplemented by useful illustrations within each topic. Examples of topics covered include, pesticide risk for children, how to reduce the risk of pesticide use, pest control at home, reading and understanding labels and environmental impacts.

The latter part of the booklet provides notes on starting a community education programme, including ways of conducting possible pesticide education activities.

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