Ethiopia Country Diagnostic: "Opportunities and challenges for microinsurance in Ethiopia. An analysis of the supply, demand and regulatory environments"

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This study forms part of a larger project funded by the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and managed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to promote microinsurance development in several African countries. The goal of this particular project is to map the microinsurance landscape (this includes supply, demand and regulatory dimensions) in Ethiopia and to facilitate a process for the development of an inclusive insurance (and microinsurance) market in Ethiopia.

ethiopia country diagnostic (case study)  -  Inglés (en)

Document Information

Document Type Case Study
Autor Anja Smith, Doubell Chamberlain | Cenfri, ILO, UNCDF
Year of Publication 2010
Editor Access to Insurance Initiative
Número de Páginas 98 pp.
Región / País Global, Africa, África Oriental y Central / Ethiopia
Idioma Principal Inglés (en)
Palabras clave Seguro, Microseguros, Seguro Agrícola, Política, Entorno Regulatorio
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