Preparation of a Legal Guide on Contract Farming: A preliminary outline of issues

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Objectives of the future UNIDROIT Guide on Contract Farming


The purpose of the envisaged UNIDROIT Guide would be: 

  • to spread knowledge with a view to providing all those who deal with contract farming, whether they be agricultural producers or market operators, lawyers, judges, arbitrators or scholars, with a tool for the better understanding of the possibilities it offers.
  • the future Guide could be of assistance to parties – and their legal counsels – in negotiating and drawing up contract farming arrangements by identifying the legal issues involved in those agreements, discussing possible approaches to the issues and where appropriate, suggesting solutions which parties may wish to consider. By furnishing comprehensive information the future Guide is aiming at filling the informational gap between the parties, which would otherwise have placed one of them at a disadvantage. It should therefore contribute to providing the parties with greater confidence in dealing with contract farming.
  • The future Guide could help identify solutions for drafting fair and commercially sound contracts serving as a guide to “good contracting practice”. As such, it could provide a useful tool in the context of dispute resolution mechanisms, in particular in alternative resolution proceedings, to supplement the existing legal framework when it proves insufficient. 
  • The future Guide could also serve as a reference document for law makers and public authorities dealing at a public policy level with contract farming. It could help in assessing the possible need for and content of a specific legislation on contract farming. It could be used as a reference in the context of legislative or regulatory reforms, also by contributing to a harmonized and fair approach to the legal regime of contract farming arrangements at a time when markets are increasingly global and integrated.
  • the future Guide could provide an additional tool available to international organisations and bilateral cooperation agencies as well as non- governmental organisations engaged in strategies and programs in support of contract farming in developing countries.
Preparation of a Legal Guide on Contract Farming: A preliminary outline of issues  -  Inglés (en)

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Year of Publication 2013
Número de Páginas 40 pp.
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Palabras clave La Agricultura Por Contrato, Contratos, Productividad Agrícola
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