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EDA Rural Systems Pvt Ltd

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EDA Rural Systems Pvt Ltd, established in 1983, is one of the leading development sector consultancy, research and capacity building organisations. Microfinance and Micro-enterprise are EDA’s focus areas. EDA’s experience of working in the poorest parts of South and South East Asia places it in a unique position to support livelihood programmes.

In this period of over two decades, EDA has successfully developed and delivered solutions towards the growth of microfinance and micro-enterprise sectors. EDA's work and associations with multi-lateral development organisations, global not-for-profit institutions, governmental institutions and over 100 microfinance institutions span across 15 countries of South Asia, South-East Asia, Central Asia and the Pacific regions.

The Training & Capacity Building division of EDA provides specialised training to the microfinance and micro-enterprise sectors. EDA offers several training courses developed in house and is also a CGAP partner for delivering CGAP's training courses. EDA delivers the standardised CGAP modules, also adapts the modules to local/regional contexts to cater to the diverse requirements of the ever-growing microfinance sector. EDA develops new need-based customised training programmes for specific organisations and regions. See link below for 2007 training schedule.  -  Inglés (en)